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discover my hidden secrets that finally got me to start losing weight ! *lost 75 Lbs +*




This is what I now hear from every friends & family event that I visit. Wouldn’t you like to hear this also ?


Not even a Snickers bar could make me feel as complete and confident with myself… 

I’d rather have that instead of having the people I love telling me “how much weight I’ve gained”. (what a way to break your spirit…), Am I right ?

If you’ve been struggling with losing weight and have enough with being miserable in your own skin, you’re on the right page because that was me and I now have the solutions to overcome that!


There’s good & bad news for you my friend.

Good news is that I can help you step by step and promise you to get the results you’ve been hoping for your weight loss journey.

Bad news is once you’ve lost the weight, The jaws of everyone you know will drop. 

My guided methods will allow you to regain power in your life, to feel important, respected, and alive.  

You will be flooded with compliments and feel like you matter.

Because truth is people will treat you based on how you treat yourself.

I get it, food makes you feel good. It helps to cope with reality.  

But both you and I know that eating to fill that emptiness inside of you is only digging a deeper hole and more weight to gain for yourself. 

How many more fries do you need to shove down your gut to have this “satisfying” feeling? 

It’s definitely not pulling you closer from wearing those jeans you’ve been daydreaming to wear. 
If you’re still reading this, we both know that eating more doesn’t do anything but make you feel miserable and incomplete.
 It’s time to face the truth by eating healthy and losing the weight.
But getting started is not the hard part. Trust me… I know. 
I was there, I’ve too Started plenty of diets and fail after a couple of days 
I’d too would lose hope for every diet that I’ve started. 
I’d also have had difficulties sticking with my diet.
But after many years of research and implementing , I’ve finally cracked the code and overcame the endless yo- yo weight loss once and for all.


By simply stop searching for shortcuts & only focus on solely doing it the right way .

Deep down inside you know doing it the right way is going to give you the happiness that you’ve been searching for yourself.

The happiness that allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.

Comfortable leaving your house.

Comfortable being around your friends & family without feeling judged.
& lastly being Comfortable with looking at yourself in the mirror!

I understand that being extremely obese is miserable. I was there! 

 & I don’t want to go back. Not even for a snickers bar…

You reading up to here tells me that you’re willing to do anything to start losing the weight. 
That you want to finally feel great and be happy in your own skin. Am I right ?

If yes, I have a couple of gifts for you absolutely FREE. 

The fact you took the time to read up to this point shows me your commitment and it’s people like you that are serious I want to help.

Because when I was over 330 Lbs, I had no one who could understand my struggles with weight loss and wished that there was someone who’d overcome the same struggles to help me. 

Now that I’ve cracked the code and lost over 75 Lbs, I made it my mission to be that person.

Before I give you this free gift, you’re probably wondering who am I & why you should listen to someone that’s still on their journey.

Who am I ?

No different than you! 

Hi, I’m Ravi Lochan and like you, I’ve struggled with staying consistent and losing weight. 

The beginning was tough to jumpstart. It was disappointing to see my weight go up and down like a yo-yo.

Eventually I got fed up, started doing the research that developed myself a method to lose over 75 LBS!

Being overly obese was painful because anywhere I’d go I would constantly feel uncomfortable and embarrassed with the way I looked. 
I also felt that I could never “fit in” with the people I met. Heck! I couldn’t even fit in the clothes I wanted to wear. 
To set an example I began to broadcast my weight loss journey to the world on Instagram @Ravfitnessjourney. 
From there I documented everything I did for my journey.
and gained an audience (of over 4,500 People) that had witnessed me going from 330 Lbs down to 255 Lbs. 

Later my co- worker had told me something shocking…

This was my  co-worker Rashid.

Rashid was dealing with the same issues that I was struggling with when jumpstarting my weight loss journey.

After trail and error Rashid wasn’t able to see results for himself. He was inspired  by my journey and wanted to know what exactly I was doing to finally make it work. 

He then asked me to train him but I said no. 

After the 3rd time of asking me, I had to know why he needed me to train him so badly. 

I didn’t have the credentials nor even fit yet. 

What he told me had changed my mind… 

He said “Rav, You’re the only person that I’m able to relate to and have a better understanding with overcoming my struggles.”

Without hesitation I created him a 90 day training program. Today Rashid has lost over 72 Lbs (now 225 lbs)  by following my step by step guide and is still a happy paying client of mine.  

Everyday I get messages from people just like you who struggles with getting their weight loss started and rolling, dying to know how I did it ! 

Which is why I created UNROUNDED FITNESS! To help those who really want to lose the weight but is having a hard time starting and staying consistent. 

What I’ve learned is that being obese needs a different approach to losing weight than the average person. Trainers who never carried your weight will never understand your struggles.

I’ve experienced with what you’re going through right now and have the tools to overcome it and get your weight loss progress sprinting into the right direction. 

The first step to the right direction is correcting any mistakes. So my first gift to you is: 

For FREE  I’m going to share with you the 4 Major Mistakes I had to overcome that is guaranteed to be holding you back with your weight loss Right Now! 

If you’re interested to finally lose weight consistently through my methods and claim your free gift,

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See you on the other side.