This is what I now hear for every family/ friends event I go to. Wouldn’t you want that ?


Not even a Snickers bar could make me feel as satisfied with myself… 

It’s way better than having the people you love telling you how fatter you got. (what a way to kill your mood…), Am I right ?

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and furious of not being comfortable in your own skin, you’re on the right page, but…

I have good & bad news for you my friend.

Good news is I can help you step by step and promise you to get the results you’ve been craving with your weight loss.

Bad is Once you’ve lost the weight, The jaws of everyone you know will drop. You will finally feel important and be respected. 
You will be flooded with compliments.

Because people will treat you based on how you treat yourself.

I will show you how you should properly treat yourself. 

I get it, food makes you feel really good. It helps cope with reality.  

But both you and I know that eating to fill that emptiness is only digging a deeper hole and more weight to gain. 

How many more fries do you have to shove down your gut to have this “satisfying” feeling? 

It’s definitely not brining you closer from wearing those jeans you’ve been dreaming to wear. 
If you’re still reading this, we know that eating more doesn’t do anything but make feel you worse and
 It’s time to face the truth by eating healthy and losing the weight.
But getting started is not the hard part. Trust me… I know. 
I was there, I also Started plenty of diets and after a couple of days, 
I would lose hope for every diet I started. It was just something too hard to stick to. 
But, after many years I overcame that.


By simply cutting out any diet B.S. & solely focusing on doing it the right way 

Deep down inside you know doing it the right way is going to give you the happiness you’ve been searching for.

The happiness that will let you be comfortable in your own skin.

Comfortable leaving your bed room.

Comfortable being around your family with out being judged.
Comfortable with looking into the mirror!

I understand the position you’re in. It’s miserable.

I’ve been there & I don’t want to go back. Not even for a snickers bar…

You reading up to here tells me that you’re willing to do anything to do something about your weight. 
That you want to finally look great and be happy in your own skin. Am I right ?

If yes, I have small gift for you for taking your time to read this and to taking the steps to move forward. 

But before I give you this free gift, you’re probably wondering who am I and & why you should listen to me. 

Who am I ?

No different than you! Hi, I’m Ravi Lochan

And like you, I’ve struggled with weight loss. 

Up until I overcame my struggle and followed a method that lost me over 75 LBS . 
Being obese sucked, that size put me into situations where I feel uncomfortable and embarrass with the way I look. 
I also felt I could never “fit in” with the people I meet. Heck! I couldn’t even fit in the clothes I wanted to wear. 
Eventually I had enough and decided to start my fitness journey and go all in by documenting it to the world on Instagram @Ravfitnessjourney. 
From there I documented everything I did for my fat loss journey.
I gained an audience that witness me going from 330 Lbs down to 255 Lbs. 
Eventually I had a couple of viewers who wanted to know how I overcame the same problem that they are going through right now. 
Eventually I had my co-worker (294 Lbs) came up to me telling me that he’s been following my journey from the start and that he’s willing to pay me to teach him what I know. 
With out hesitation I created him a 90 day training program. He has lost over 32 Lbs (now 232 lbs)  through my step by step plan and is still a paying client of mine.  
Everyday I get messages of people just like you who struggles with getting started with weight loss asking on how I did it! 

Which is why I created UNROUNDED FITNESS. To help those who really want to lose the weight but having a hard time getting started and sticking to their journey. 
Are you ready for the small gift that i have for you?